About Shoko


Education        Bachelor of Industrial Chemistry of Seikei University         

                 ,Tokyo, Japan

Additional       Studied pottery under Mr.Masayasu Chujo and Mr.Yoshimi Suzuki in
Seto-city, Aichi-pre.,japan(1978-1983)

                 Did research about low fired ceramics in Spain in 1983

                 Did research about sculpture in Europe ( France, Italy,         

                 England, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia)



1991        "Sculptures" at Hiraya Gallery ,Manila, Philippines

1993        "Messages from a Solitary Island ( Ceramics Sculptures) "at

               Hiraya Gallery , Manila, Philippines

1994        "Symphony from Mount Pundaquit  ( Ceramics Relief )" at

               Casa San Miguel, San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines

              "Your Time ,My Time( Ceramic wall clock) at Hiraya Gallery,

               Manila, Philippines

1996        "Love Letter To The Earth " at Galeria de las Islas, Manila,


               "Shooting Stars, Fleeting Moments ( Ceramic Masks, busts, bronze sculptures) at Galleria Duemila, Manila, Philippines

1997        "Kiss..." ( Ceramic Sculptures, reliefs, Vases) at Galleria Duemila , Manila, Philippines

1999                            "After Siesta" ( Ceramic Sculptures, reliefs)

at Galleria Duemila, manila, Philippines


2001       Purple Rain” (ceramics) at Convent Gallery, Daylesford,Victoria, Australia

2003      ‘Hello Dear”(ceramic tile) at Umenomiya, Fitzroy, Victoria

2004      “Germination” at Convent Gallery, Daylesford,Victoria

           “Solo show”  at Bird’s Gallery , Kew, Victoria 




1992       "Fired Clay Sculptures" w/ Mr. Ting Ping Lay at Hiraya Gallery

               Manila, Philippines


2003      “Dreams” w/Mr.Mark Justiniani at Galleria Duemila, Manila, philippines




2004     Highly commended by Mr. Paul Fitzgerald, AM , Strathcona art                                               Show, Melbourne





1986         Tojiro Pottery Studio, Tokyo, Japan

1987         Tojiro Pottery Studio, Tokyo, Japan

1988         Tojiro Pottery Studio, Tokyo, Japan     

1990         'Ceramic Visions" at CRC College of Art & Science,Manila        


                 "Our Children's World" at Galeria de las Islas, Manila ,


                 "Luwad'90 Creative Pottery " at Hiraya Gallery, Manila,


1992         "Bato paso at Putik" at The Galleon Shop, Manila, Philipines


                "1993-Calender Show"  at Hiraya Gallery ,Manila


1993         'ART MANILA 93 ,Focus: AIDS "  at Philamlife Lobby

                Manila, Philippines

                "1994-Calender Show " at Hiraya Gallery, Manila, Philippines


1994         " Bonga Ka'Day" at Hiraya Gallery , Manila, philippines

                "1995-Calender Show" at Hiraya Gallery, Manila,


1995         "1996-JICA Calender Show" at Hiraya Gallery,Manial


1997         "Breaking Boundary" at Philippines Stock Exchange Bldg.,

                Manila, Philippines

                "A Turning Point" at Galleria de las Islas,Manila, Philippines

1998         " Whisper from the Earth" : Art, Light and Sound w/ Yoji

              Toyosaki(Slide Artist),Butch Roxas( Guitarist) at Galleria

              Duemila, Manila, Philippines

              "Whisper from the Earth" : Art, Light and Sound w/ Yoji

              Toyosaki ( Slide Artist),Baguio musicians(Philippino Traditional  Instrument players), at CASA SAN MIGUEL, San Antonio, Zanbales, Philippines

               "Whisper from the Earth" :Art ,Light and Sound w/Yoji

              Toyosaki ( Slide Artist), Mitsuhiko Yoshida ( Guitarist),Butch

               Roxas (Guitarist) and his group at Cultural Center of  Philippines,  Manila, Philippines

              "Dream and Human" at Mujinkan Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2000        " Group Show" at Steel Magnolia, Melbourne, Australia


2001    “one-off” at Potters Cottage Gallery, Warrandyte, Australia

2002    “Yarra” at Warrandyte community center


2004     JASA group exhibition”, at Miharaya Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo                                  Japan

          Strathcona Art show, at Hawthorn, Victoria

          Derinya Art Exhibition at ,Frankston, Victoria

2005    “2005Autumn Exhibition” at Friends’ gallery, very special Kids,        Malvern, VIC

2006     “Together” at Bird’s Gallery, Kew, Victoria

2006     “Alchemy in Clay” at Kazari collector gallery, Hawksburn, Victoria

2007" 11th Annual TeaPot Exhibition" at Old Bakery on Eighth Gallery, Mayland,WA
2008 "Four -Legged Friend' at Bird's Gallery , Kew, Victoria


1990        Demonstration of pottery at National Museum of the

               Philippines, Manila, Philippines

1991 till now   Teaching pottery at my studio

1992        Demonstration of pottery at International School Manila, 


               Teaching pottery to the community, Legazpi, Bicol,  Philippines

1993      Demonstration of pottery at International School Manila,


1994~1999  Teaching Pottery at British School Manila,

1994          Teaching pottery to the community children, CASA SAN

             MIGUEL, Zanbales, Philippines

1996               Teaching, Pottery at Euro Campus,( French and German school)  Manila, Philippines

2004 ~ till now   Teaching Japanese ceramics at CAE(Council of Adult Education), city, Melbourne

2005   Demonstration of ceramics at Ikebana International , Malvern, VIC


Shoko Mafune  Ceramics